What Is Luxury Branding & How It Shapes the World

In this C'EST DU LUXE article, we'll answer the following questions:
  • What is luxury branding?
  • What makes a luxury brand successful?
  • What are the must-have elements of a luxury brand?

    What is luxury branding?

    From the Louis Vuittons to the Ritz Carltons of the world, luxury brands often represent the pinnacle of society's values and beliefs.

    However, luxury doesn't follow traditional marketing norms or the cost-cutting practices of most other brands.

    It requires an extensive amount of unlearning.

    So, though not without admiration, the practices of luxury branding remain a mystery to most.

    Branding is the art of defining and shaping your company's presence in the world.

    The art of doing this well shapes our perception.

    It's what separates the companies we think of as extraordinary from the ones we consider ordinary.

    Building a luxury brand means creating a world that harmoniously combines an exquisite vision with savoir-faire and commercial viability.

    A brand is a vehicle - to enrich interactions, bring people together, elevate your offerings, and celebrate your successes.

    Your brand strategy should clearly define what you are and define what you are not.

    You want people to associate your brand story with the product or service that will define you.

    What makes a luxury brand successful?

    What are the must-have elements of a luxury brand?

    A timeless origin story, a powerful business offering, and a compelling brand identity lay the groundwork for a luxury brand. 

    • timeless origin story
    • powerful business offering
    • compelling brand identity

    The success of a luxury brand lies first and foremost in its craft.

    Luxury brands create a top-of-the-line, best-in-class experience and deliver something no other brand can.

    In a class of its own, few can proudly lay claim to call themselves true luxury. 

    A luxury brand can only truly exist if, at its core, there is a high-quality offering with incredible service.

    Build a luxury brand around ideas of legacy and timeless ideals - even new ones.

    Luxury products and services are revered for their superb design and quality.

    Set that expectation.

    Then, deliver a top-of-line offering consistently to your customers.

    The work behind-the-scenes is what defines quality and visionary appeal.

    Over time, consistent action builds your legacy.

    A Timeless Origin Story / The Story of Creation

    A luxury brand's true strength lies not in its history but its ability to maintain its modernity today - considering its history.

    A luxury brand must be timeless.

    And to be timeless is not simply to endure, but to flourish.

    Luxury brands center around an origin story, a story of creation, typically starting with a visionary founder and stamped by particular events and locations.

    But a luxury brand's success ultimately lies in its ability to adapt and continue that story - into the present day and beyond.

    Updating the story

    Luxury brands are bearers of history and tradition.

    Through their offerings, campaigns, and productions, luxury brands are charged with telling and curating their own stories.

    A luxury brand celebrates its heritage, revives traditions, and rituals.

    Individual facts may be emphasized or deemphasized over time.

    The rags-to-riches story of a visionary founder, the muses that shaped a creative era, or the grandeur of a royal class, can all be cultivated as story elements to maintain relevancy.

    By being in control over sharing specific details about its founder, history, or product features, luxury brands construct a sense of privacy and exclusivity.

    Even as a customer, you're only in as far as the brand is willing to let you.

    A powerful business offering

    Though inspired by art and intuition, luxury brands need a more defined approach. 
    There are many different types of luxury consumers, and from them, endless possibilities as to how luxury fits into their lives.

    From elegance to opulence, luxury brands cover a wide range of feelings and experiences.

    From marriage proposals to indulgent vacations, we lean on luxury brands to enrich these moments with greater depth and significance.

    Luxury celebrates the art of living, turning ordinary moments into extraordinary ones.

    Luxury has been described as the "ordinary for the extraordinary and the extraordinary for the ordinary."

    To build a luxury brand, create meaningful experiences around your brand, and connect them to the world of commerce.

    Compelling Luxury Brand Identity

    While many of us describe the things we can hear and touch, such as a logo, slogan, packaging, or stores, as the brand, these are really only expressions of it.

    A brand is an idea that will serve as a conduit for a point of view, a powerful one, and as a luxury brand, a valuable one.

    The expressions of the brand and how you may interact with it will change over time, from logos to shops, but the brand will persist.

    In creating a luxury brand identity, you design the symbols and the language and craft the meaning and shape the story surrounding your business's vision.

    These elements come to represent the brand.

    It's a play on our imaginations that connect those visuals to a deeper meaning and a world of fantasy, pleasure, and grandeur.

    The elements of a luxury brand can take on many forms, and as the things and ideas we value change, luxury reflects that.

    Luxury celebrates the art of living.

    A brand helps your business express itself.

    It paints a picture of not only what you do but how and why you do it.

    Are you interested in doing what Chanel did for women's fashion, ultimately revolutionizing style, comfort, and fit for generations of women?

    Just as an artist lives to create art, a brand lives to create as well.

    And as long as a brand is alive - it creates.

    When 'raising a brand,' intentionality is what makes the difference.

    Luxury brands celebrate the fine art of living - honoring and taking pleasure in life's incredible moments. 

    A successful luxury brand focuses on creating and consistency, defining a commercial and social perspective that competes at the highest quality and service level.

    Your brand should be your company's greatest champion.