The Best Luxury Branding Books to Elevate Your Brand

Elevate your brand, and you create new possibilities.

The definition of what we consider luxurious is ever-more expansive.

Our world has opened doors to a new category of products and services that marry the luxury world's prestige with mass consumer strategies.

Taking lessons from the world of luxury, today's brands can create powerful impressions, offering a more luxurious experience at a price point that doesn't feel out of reach.

Welcome to modern luxury!

This new category has many names: accessible luxury, new luxury, modern luxury, prestige, masstige (mass prestige), premium, or mass luxury.

From business case studies, the psychology of indulgence to brainstorming fuel, these books serve up a wealth of knowledge on how to elevate any brand.

The Best Luxury Branding Book for Practical Advice

Brand Elevation: Lessons in Ueber-Branding

by Wolfgang Schaefer, JP Kuehlwein

Inspired by the world of luxury, Brand Elevation offers a six-step approach to help businesses layer in concepts like exclusivity and seduction for customers willing to pay a premium.

The book includes sought-after advice from top CMOs and marketing executives.

Through various case studies, Brand Elevation analyzes the strategies of quite an expansive list of brands, ranging from luxury brands like Tiffany & Co. and LVMH, consumer brands like Kashi, to tech and Millennial brands like Google and WeWork.

It takes a practical approach to create a premium brand and how to move your ideas from concept to practice.

As said by Leonardo Chavez, Global Brand President at Kiehl's Since 1851, it "Provides insightful guidance and inspiration not only on how to create a 'love brand,' but how to maintain one."

The Best Luxury Branding Book to Help You Strategize

Rethinking Prestige Branding: Secrets of the Ueber-Brands

by Wolfgang Schaefer, J.P. Kuehlwein

Rethinking Prestige Branding is a refreshingly fresh take on how to construct a reality around your brand intentionally.

The book includes a series of 77 prompt-style questions to challenge your thinking around developing an elevated and desired brand - a brand of meaning.

It's a fascinating read for branding and marketing professionals and includes insights from over 100 case studies and interviews with companies like Cirque du Soleil, Hermès, and Nespresso.

It takes on a friendly approach to introducing business strategies centered around a luxury-mindset, introducing concepts like exclusivity, seduction, and myth-making.

Rethinking Prestige Branding is an exercise in rethinking, guiding you to consider your legacy and impact, above product.

The Best Luxury Branding Book to Help You Rebrand

Trading Up: Why Consumers Want New Luxury Goods--And How Companies Create Them

by Michael J. Silverstein, Niel Fiske

Trading Up provides a great overview of how to offer your customers a little luxury.

'New Luxury' describes the premiumization of the mass-market.

The book introduced a "ladder of benefits" model that helps reshape and provide new meaning to a product already on the market.

The examples of everyday brands like Victoria's Secret and Starbucks show how they created elevated product categories and experiences to differentiate themselves among others in the space of undergarments and coffee shops.

Exploring technical differences, superior functional performance, and emotional engagement, a company can recreate an already existing product and sell it for a premium price.

If your growth strategy sells upscale products in high volume - it is an excellent book to help guide your ideas and direction.

The strategy is to create products that wouldn't be considered a luxury but are enough of an upgrade to warrant higher prices.

Backed by a growing middle class, changes in discretionary spending, and emotional and economic drivers, moving customers from mass-to-masstige has been an effective business strategy for many.

Trading Up is an excellent book to lay the groundwork for someone motivated, passionate, and looking to change the course of their brand and elevate its products and services.

The Best Luxury Branding Book for Your Sales Team

Selling Luxury: Connect with Affluent Customers, Create Unique Experiences Through Impeccable Service, and Close the Sale

by Robin Lent, Genevieve Tour

Selling Luxury sets the expectation for the impeccable level of service associated with luxury brands.

It's a view into providing service that surprises and delights, exceeds client expectations, and encourages loyalty.

The book shows you how to call on a different skillset, tuning you into the world of attention, details, and relationship building.

It helps you better understand your customer and bridge a line of compassion.

Selling Luxury is an easy read into how to reframe and package emotion and desire through the eyes of an affluent customer.

It's a great source of inspiration for connecting with your clients and elevating your sales staff.