prestige luxury brands

3 Ways to Invite Prestige Into Your Luxury Brand

From Cartier to Louis Vuitton, these well-respected brands earned a reputation for sought-after creations and desired experiences. But how?

Our societies honor men and women of great achievement and treat them in high regard. Luxury brands are built on a similar code of respect and social favor. Prestige comes from context, connections, and company. It's important to place your brand among high-achievers, connect to influential names, and play a role in history-making moments.

prestige luxury brands

Here are three ways to invite prestige into your luxury brand:

Be an award winner

Prestige, widespread respect and admiration based on quality or achievement, is a crucial luxury concept. It provides context. Awards can recognize an accomplishment, but to be among the few who earned a distinction can also be an achievement in and of itself. Offered to a select few, it creates a class of distinguished parties.

This enthusiastic public praise can elevate your brand to new heights by offering the credibility and consensus that opens doors to new opportunities.

Find awards that correspond with your industry, recognize your approach to leadership, or are related to your philanthropic interests. Don't be shy. Don't wait to get recognized. Taking a proactive approach can make a big difference.

Delight influential people

Client referrals or word of mouth, whether famous names or not, are built on reputation and trust. The vetting is done by others—people who greatly admire your brand or hold your brand in great esteem. These connections, able to recognize the full implications of your work through their personal experience, can fully appreciate your work. Influential people come in many shapes and sizes.

Defining luxury begins with identifying high-value. A famous name associated with your brand, whether through client work or sponsorships, can also catapult your business forward if you're ready for the attention.

Be at the center of it all

Luxury is in the details. Surrounding yourself with valuable company and establishing yourself as an essential contributor in major industry events plays into a perception that you're a leader in the space. In luxury days past, this might have been a coronation or a royal wedding. Still, today's luxury circles gather around conferences, galas, and cultural festivals like the Monaco Yacht Show, the Cannes Film Festival, and Formula 1.

Being present at these events may be enough, but hosting your own event or participating in a partnership or sponsorship places you at the center of the event circuit.

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