Introducing the Language of Luxury

Introducing the Language of Luxury

The language of luxury is inherently rich with possibility. Words fascinate. They draw people in, captivate and take you on a journey - leaving you better at the end for having gone through it.

The Language of Luxury is a collection of the words we love - words that are powerful enough to create emotion, paint visions, and build worlds.

language of luxury


What Is It

The Language of Library is an evolving collection of words we have curated through the years, taking the form of an email series. Until now, we exclusively used this resource internally and for clients, and now, we invite you to be a part of this elite club.

What To Expect

The email series delivers a new chapter to your inbox every week, a collection of ten words to help you find new ways to talk about the incredible work you do and explore your brand's identity and story.

It's an enlightening interaction that encourages alignment between your intentions and expressions.

What to Do With It

You can elevate the narrative of your brand and your work or rewrite the rules of storytelling - all with the right words.

We all know what it feels like to search for the right word and not have it. And no other category is as famous for leaving people speechless as the luxury world.

Selling luxury starts with describing it. The Language of Luxury is meant to help you organize your thought and direction. It offers insight on how to write for luxury brands and, on a weekly basis, encourages a richer conversation around your work and the ideas and values your brand celebrates.

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