How to Write for Luxury Brands

How to Write for Luxury Brands

Intentionality in the luxury space is critical. Every material used in a gown is expertly selected. Every visionary designer is meticulously vetted. Language in luxury begs for the same level of care so that your choice in words doesn't just fit; but contributes to a whole, larger, and more powerful than any singular part alone.

Writing for luxury brands requires you to understand the vision, describe the experience, and exercise mastery over The Language of Luxury - having the words to make people believe it.

how to write for luxury brands

Understand the Vision

Most people won't have the opportunity to know your work as intimately as you do, so language adds depth and context to what makes you unique. Through language, we tell the iconic stories of myths and legends.

Cartier has one such relationship with its exotic muse, the bejeweled panther, and shares:

"An emblematic animal of the Maison's menagerie, the panther has inspired Cartier's designers since its debut appearance in 1914. Ever since, it has evolved constantly. Untamed and indomitable, it is charged with a magnetism that reveals one's strength of character."

We create figures and ideas larger than life and speak to a higher view of how we see the world and our place in it.

Describe the Experience

Keep the brand's history and tradition in mind. Your writing should fit the brand's personality, and the experience you write about should be perceived through their lens. Allow your audience to not only grasp the vision but feel it, opt in, and share it with others.

No stranger to creating fantastical runways and out-of-this-world creative visions, Gucci has explored the boundaries of expression in many ways. Observe their use of vivid imagery in describing the rooms of the Gucci Garden Galleria.

"The Gucci Garden Galleria, conceived by Alessandro Michele and curated by Maria Luisa Frisa, the rooms welcome new narratives and curatorial solutions to stage the Gucci vocabulary and lead us into a hypnotic territory, full of wonders."

The best luxury brands maintain an incredible focus on their legacy and carry the ability to move people through a world of enchantment.

Mastery Over the Language of Luxury

Your choice of words is paramount to providing an enduring vision that invites your audience in, whether you are contemplating how to write for luxury brands or describe a luxury experience.

The Language of Luxury is a curated collection of over 400 words to imbue your statements with character, novelty, and desire. Now a must-have for luxury professionals from all walks of life, this once-private resource is delivered to your inbox weekly to align your intentions and expressions.

The longevity of a luxury brand rests on its ability to effectively impress upon an ever-evolving world. Choose your words carefully and then edit profusely. Apply principles of luxury to your writing by placing value on quality over quantity - write 1,000 words but publish 500. Keep your writing clear, concise, and compelling. Get rid of anything that is not essential to making a point.

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